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Agro Block is a brand new and unique product

Agro Block has developed a brand new and unique product of recycled plast to the benefit of the environment and with its low weight it also benefits the working environment. 

Agro Block replaces a long list of different and heavier products on the market.

Recycled plast saves the environment for Co2

Plastic has in many years been a criticized product, but by recycling, it turns out to be a very good product for the environment, because its not like concrete, produces a lot of Co2 in the manufacturing of the product.

Also during the transport of Agro Block, there are big reductions of the Co2 compared to concrete because of the lower weight.​

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Agro Block ApS

Rødegårdsvej 156

​DK-4720 Præstø

​​Telephone: +45 26 30 77 36

E-mail: info@agroblock.dk

​​CVR: 37361186

Agro Block ApS
Rødegårdsvej 156
4720 Præstø