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Agro Block are stackable planters from recycled plastic

Agro Block has developed a unique product from recycled plastic. Agro Block benefits of the environment and contributes to better work conditions because of low weight and easy handling capabilities.

The stackable Agro Block planters are suitable for window boxes and for Urban Gardening. 

Recycled plastic saves CO2

Plastics has been a waste product for many years, but by recycling it becomes an environmentally friendly product, as it does not emit CO2, for example, during the manufacturing process. During transport, large CO2 savings are due to low weight.

How Agro Block works

An Agro Block contains plants, topsoil and ballast. Agro Block stands stable even when built in height. The ballast can be soil, sand or gravel depending on what you have.

Agro Block can be used individually or in millions of combinations. Only the imagination limits what you can use Agro Block for. You can easily build a windbreak, a raised bed or a demarcation of your patio.

Watch a video about Agro Block

Use Agro Block to define a terrace or to build raised beds just as you like them.

A pyramid of Agro Block and a sheltered garden corner in the background.​

Inspiration with Agro Block

UseAgro Block as a solid green wall that both shields from eyesight and noise.

A spice wall for indoor use. ​Please note the tray.

This wall can be easily built with Agro Block. With the right plants becomes completely green.

Turn Agro Block upside down and use it for stairs.​

Visit our exhibition in the centre of Denmark​

Our permanent stand in the building exhibition in HUSET Middelfart is open every day. You are welcome to come by and get an impression of Agro Block.

The address is: Hindsgavl Alle 2, 5500 Middelfart, Denmark.

At our exhibition in Middelfart you can see and get an impression of Agro Block.

Business Hours​

Monday - Friday

8am - 4pm (CET)

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Agro Block Handel og Service ApS​

Gammel Lyngvej 2​

4600 Køge


Telephone: +45 26 30 77 36

​E-mail: info@agroblock.dk

Company registration no.: DK39135299

Agro Block ApS

Gl. lyngvej 2,

4600 Køge